If you can¡¯t change your fate, change your attitude

September 17, 2008
Life is a crazy thing; good and bad things wiz by us in every day life. You can¡¯t always change what happens to you, but you can change the way to deal with it! Everything in life happens for a reason, that reason being whatever it may be, can be good or bad. You may feel miserable because of these reasons, but don¡¯t be. You can change the way you feel about things, and that will make you intern feel better.

You must focus on the good in the situation, not the bad. People often tell you to see the good in others. That is exactly what you need to do with the situation. We sometimes over-exaggerate; we tend to work our selves up over nothing. We are sometimes ¡°Drama Queens¡±. One situation can¡¯t only be bad. There must be something good about it. Pick out the good and focus as hard as you can on it. Pretend that the situation is only good and not bad at all. Then try to convince yourself that it is actually good in almost every way. You will feel much better and you should totally forget the entire situation.
You¡¯re probably saying, I won¡¯t forget it, if you don¡¯t that isn¡¯t bad! You are right; it isn¡¯t as easy as it sounds. It is tough to try to see the good in situations and in people. People are hard to forgive, and situations are hard to put in the past. It is much better to say that it is over and in the past, then to hold a grudge. We often have trouble doing that because we are naturally stubborn. It is hard to let things go. We always want to focus on them and to make the other person pay for what they did. We can¡¯t always do that; we need to forget things; it may be for our health or so we can focus again. Whatever reason it is let it go, it is for the best. So, you can¡¯t always change what happens to you, but you can change the way to deal with it!

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