Objects and Their Value

May 10, 2013
By kz1999 SILVER, WEST WINDSOR, New Jersey
kz1999 SILVER, WEST WINDSOR, New Jersey
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Objects earn their value to us in a number of ways.Things that we really need or want will definitely be held at a higher value, for they are used very often and become an important part in our daily lives. Another way that objects can obtain value is by being symbols of accomplishment. For example, things like trophies will have high values because they bring back memories of our efforts and triumphs. Effort is not the only determinant of value; there are many things that we value regardless of whether they were earned through struggles or received as a gift. However, anything that we have earned through hard work will automatically be held at a higher value.

There is no doubt that a child values his x-box, and that does not change. It doesn’t matter if the x-box was earned through hard work or just given as a gift, the x-box is still viewed as a prized possession. However, what if the child had to work a summer job to earn the x-box? Now that x-box is not only a fun gaming console, it is also a symbol of months of strenuous labor. The x-box had to be earned and because of that, it is held at a higher value. It has the value of being a useful object to the kid, and on top of that, has the value of being an accomplishment. Therefore, the x-box that was earned through hard work has more value, for it earning its worth in two different ways.

However, this is not to say that we do not value things that we don’t work for. No matter what, something that we use in our daily lives will be valued because we need it. Things like gifts are always appreciated, yet never earned. There is no doubt that we will value things more if we work for them, but there are many other ways that objects can gain value.

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