your childhood

May 10, 2013
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Your childhood

Some people have opinions but in mine its the batman trilogy for many reasons one he’s

my favorite superhero and two there over all good movies. There is three movies in this

trilogy the first one batman begins, the dark knight, and in my opinion is the best one the

dark knight rises.

In these movies you see batman go through alot of changes such as a knew suit and

gadgets and when batman notices there is a flaw in his arsenal he will go out and fix it

for example in the second movie he notices he can’t turn his head and he goes and gets

him a knew suit. In the third movie he was blamed for Harvey dents murder and he has to go into retirement.

Pretty much everyone thinks batman has the best list of villians. In the three movies

theres one villian theres scarecrow, bane, and joker. First scarecrow he was in the first

movie he played a pretty good villian he does what scarecrow has done since his origins

which is spread his fear gas all over the city. And then joker appears in the second movie

and that was a good joker but in my opinion the best joker was in the tim burton film

the biggest batman villian is bane and he is the coolest villian of them all.

The plot of these movies in the first one batmans parents are killed and then he becomes

batman. And in the second one joker takes over the whole city. And in the third one

batman comes out of retirement and saves gotham city.

The batman trilogy is the greatest movies ever made and we all have our favorite super

hero but in my opinion batman is the best one.

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