Societys Youth

May 7, 2013
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We blame our problems on society…but we are society. We are the destroyers of dreams, the prejudice that tears us apart. We have somehow created a world where being yourself isn’t good enough. The only way to avoid insecurity and hold onto a feeling of purpose is in faith. It defies our sick and twisted expectations.

To conform is simply to fall prey to society. It is what contributes to the “evolution” of the human race. What the people think is right becomes what is right, it doesn’t matter if it leaves you behind, it may come back for you if you are lucky. Like a social tornado it spirals, rips and destroys. It is disappointing to watch the originality that races could strive on disappear as we mold our unique world into a common world.

It’s funny. Everyone here is trying to escape. Escape from what…themselves. They are so lost and desperately are trying to figure out who they are. What they are. But isn’t that youth? Isn’t that what makes us different. The teenage years when everyone wants so badly to stand out while fitting in. We all want to be unique but none of us want to take the risk of standing alone to do just that. We are like social chameleons blending in when we find it to benefit us.

Nobody wants to be judged because of their beliefs…their differences, the wonderful things that would distinguish them in a crowd. So while we try to blend in with our manor-isms we also strive to be noticed by changing our outer appearance…our masks. These lives we live like acts…like a play. We act fearless through our clothing and hair, taking risks and trying to parallel what we think is different.

Yet…when do we act different when it would benefit the most? Why do we find it so hard to not agree with our friends? To stand up for someone. People are labeled and that is just so unfair. Like a radar people scan and choose, choose what to notice and leave undetected just below the barrier. Lost like treasure in the ocean. Be different and be different within yourself…stand up when you don’t agree and stand up for people. So while we all try to find ourselves, we lose ourselves. Lose our morals and our opinions in a quest for diversity.

But doesn’t originality and diversity disappear slowly as original becomes mainstream. Because now everyone wants to be different. Don’t try too hard to be different. Because sooner or later you’re just trying to become something different from yourself…not the crowd.

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