Taking the Subway to a Healthy Diet

May 1, 2013
Fast food has become increasingly popular for younger generations because it is convenient and affordable. Why cook a healthy gourmet meal when it is possible to purchase a full meal with the change in one's pocket? Unfortunately with such cheap and tasty food come horrendous health consequences. If only there was a restaurant that sold cheap, tasty, and healthy foods all in one place. Fear not, America. Subway restaurants offer hundreds of delicious and healthy foods that are friendly to one's body and his wallet.
Firstly, Subway is a wonderful alternative to other fast food restaurants because it offers delicious meals that promote a healthy diet at an affordable cost. Furthermore, with 36,188 locations around the globe, one is never too far away from the satisfaction of a famous “$5 Footlong.” For five measly dollars, one can munch on a whole foot long sandwich packed with any choice of bread, meats, veggies, and low-fat condiments. What a steal! Perhaps the most famous sub is the Turkey Breast Sandwich. This nutritional sandwich is packed with a mound of fresh, white turkey breast and veggies on fresh wheat bread. It contains only 280 calories; less than four of which are calories from fat. Where it lacks in calories and fat, it makes up for in nutritional values such as protein and fiber. Stacey Worley, a frequent Subway customer, says, “My favorite Subway sandwich is the Turkey Breast. It’s so tasty and filling, and it’s healthy too! I feel great after eating it every time”(Worley). Though the Turkey Breast Sandwich is extremely popular amongst Subway eaters, there are several other options from which to choose. Personalized sandwiches are also available where the customer may freely choose his or her bread, meats, cheeses, vegetables, cooking time, and condiments. Above all, the consumer always gets what he or she wants at Subway while keeping an eye on his health and budget.
On the contrary, other fast food restaurants do not have the same nutritional foods to offer. Though places such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell have cheap prices and are equally convenient, they do not have the same variety or abundance of healthy meals from which to choose. For example, the famous “Double Quarter Pounder” from McDonald’s packs a whopping 740 calories, and 380 of them are solely from fat. Similarly, the “Angus Bacon and Cheese” has even more calories reaching up to 790 without the addition of fries and a drink. If included, this meal of one burger, a medium serving of French fries, and a Coca Cola totals to be a ridiculous 1,310 calories. It also contains 2,346 milligrams of sodium and 53 grams of sugar. All in all, this meal is extremely unhealthy and will cause serious health problems if eaten on a regular basis. It is true; however, that McDonald’s offers healthy alternatives to their bulk of fat-filled meal choices. Unfortunately, these are limited and still do not meet the standards of a filling and nutritious meal. Brian Donahue states, “I’ve tried the salads at McDonald’s, and they just don’t taste good. The burgers are pretty good, but I feel so lethargic and bloated after eating them. It’s just not worth it”(Donahue).
Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell offer quick, tasty meals at an affordable price in convenient locations. This seems great. However, they offer low-quality, unhealthy foods. Do we compromise nutrition for cheap, tasty food? No, compromise is unnecessary because Subway offers an alternative solution. We can get all of the advantages of a fast food restaurant: convenience, affordability, and taste without destroying our diets. By and large, Subway is clearly the smartest choice in deciding amongst fast food franchises.

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Deej6595 said...
Nov. 16, 2013 at 10:21 pm
I love Subway and I think this is a great article to promote healthy eating. There food is on the most part always fresh, filling, and you can customize your orders! Go Subway!
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