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September 10, 2008
Is life so simple? Or are we ignorant of how complex it really is, how everything works together? We just look at the peices that affect us directly, instead of indirectly as well, which would show the whole thing. Life is a four dimensional webbing, if just three not every single point could connect to every other. Fabric of space is connected in every way, shape, and form; along with time being the "string" to make this "web". This web workd so advanced that it knows how it will affect all things. Advanced enough to where us humans can't possibly understand it until the event ocurs, at which point it will still be hard to comprehend. It would be impecable to draw such a web, and even more so impossible to create a diagram of it, not just becuase it is an invisible force but also due to the fact we can not loop one point through space to connect to every other one. This web is also constantly changing, growing acustomed to what, when, how, and where we do certain events. If someone went back in time and shot Hitler as a child this web we are living in would be drastically different. Our web is bcomming something, all the certain events that shape it, means that it is to become created into a speciffic thing. Some religions say that life will be swept away and restarted in a new light. The thing is that this web is becomeing something, and we as humans can not stop it from being created. While knowing it is to become something more, that more certian events will take place, shows that "accidents" and other things of the sorts is merly being guided to happen; so this web can become what it is meant to be. Let us say that you were to get to work at 9:00am, it is 7:30am right now, and it takes you one hour to get to work. If you decided to eat before leaving you then leave at 7:59am, 30 minutes later you get into a car "accident" and become hopitalized. This situation shows that one event is tied to another, if you did not eat you would have been ahead from the person you had the "accident" with and arrived at work early. This web is too far beyond human creation, it being what and how it affects our lives everyday. It also shows us that events happen for a reason. Meaning it is not luck or chance but more of a guided cuase

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