A Writer's Downfall

April 22, 2013
I love writing to death! It's the one and only thing I want to do for a living. Writing relaxes me and it gives me the opportunity to release my ideas and thoughts.

Like anything else, the writing industry has its flaws. Trying to support other writers and being one myself isn't the easiest thing. It frustrates me to know that we don't get the recognition we deserve. Things like movies, songs, and T.V. shows are fabulous parts of entertainment. Consequently, when these things are mainstream, you always hear about the actors or artists who get praised and worshipped; there's hardly any mention about the person who wrote the material.
Of course, we need these people to bring our creativity to life, but don't forget that we contribute very much to what's being idolized!

Just think about it. Your favorite magazines wouldn't exist without us- somebody has to write them!

In earlier times, however, writers like William Shakespeare were taken seriously. As time went on, it seems like the world has put us to the side like we don't matter. On the other hand, I could be totally wrong; I'm sorry if I am. I just want other writers and myself to be treated like we exist. Is that too much to ask?

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