True Sanity

September 9, 2008
By Joshua Scott, Houlton, ME

Some people say that daydreaming can save your sanity and I am one of those people. Sometimes just to stay in touch with reality you have to leave this world of despair and be released into a world where hatred is known to no man, woman or child. Daydreams are the one place where anyone can escape to and nobody can hurt you for feeling how you really feel inside and nobody can harm you for speaking your mind. In a daydream grass can be blue and the sky yellow. Anything is possible and everything is within your grasp because your limits are never seized by anything or anyone in this world or the next. Daydreams are magical and sometimes they are all it takes to feel accepted in this one-way world. In a world of war and hatred the only place you can escape to is your mind.

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