School Uniforms

March 8, 2008
You see it every day, Kids bored or even upset about the uniform that they wear every single day of school. Now students can also be upset because, where they get their uniforms might be at a used store or as people call it thrift stores. Parents always have to buy uniforms for their kids. Sometimes kids feel upset because uniforms may not fit them very well. Parents might not have enough money to buy them more. Students at least have to have some freedom.

To start, students that attend school are bored of what they wear. When students wear the uniform students might sometimes feel uncomfortable on how it might look. I am not saying that school is a fashion show or to make you look cute or cool. You just need to know and understand a kid’s needs or feelings about a uniform. They are bored of what they wear because they have to look the same as everyone else everyday.

Secondly, students should not wear a uniform because, school uniforms make students feel like they can’t express their feelings through the clothing that they wear. Uniforms take away this form of expression. Students need to feel more comfortable in what they wear.

Finally, last but not least, there is the cost many parents shop for their children’s clothes at used and discount stores. Uniforms can cost more money than these families might be able to afford. I think just imagine when a child moves a lot, It costs more money. Especially for their parents to buy a lot of uniforms for each school they’ve been to. They could just wear regular clothes of what kids or students have in their own closets.

Time and Time again this happens we need to try to figure out a way to provide what a child needs. Maybe if you just care about not having a school uniform, It would not cause problems for children and adults. I’d rather not wear a uniform but I am forced to wear it. Kids that attend Tarkington should not have to go through struggle or worries on low money. This is my solution on a school uniform. I see kids with kind of freedom of not having to wear a school uniform.

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Jalea321 said...
Oct. 27, 2008 at 10:23 pm
I love her article I think schools should not have uniforms.Nice article Alexys.
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