Pure Torture

December 3, 2007
By Ashley Pendergrass, Andover, KS

No one is able to understand or explain the real feeling of torture unless you experience it. Humans and animals alike, both experience this kind of unexplainable pain. In fact, torturers usually begin with animals before moving on to human beings. They treat animals as practice before they continue on to the final step--humans. To torturers, animals are just like a rough draft, trying to perfect everything before they move on to their final copy. Animals feel just as much pain and anguish as we do.

One particular instance, in Wichita, Kansas, someone discovered a helpless, black Labrador puppy in a trashcan outside. Someone poured dangerous acid onto the poor puppy which burned its silky fur and skin away. Even though brought into the aide of special veterinarians, it could not escape form death’s terrible hand. On the news all over the country, was the report of the fate befallen of the black lab was on the news all over the country. Now to think, that the pup only knew the evil of this world. Experiencing no love, kindness, or happiness, the puppy only knew just pain, misery, and death. Fortunately, the short life of this black Labrador made the last straw and Magnum’s Law was passed. This sad story changed the hearts of people in our nation; some even believe that a stronger penalty for animal cruelty should be passed.

I strongly believe that torture to both humans and animals should require the same penalty. Animals and humans both share the same characteristics. We both feel pain and misery, we both will be jostled around until we break, and we both will suffer from disdain. Also we will be tortured in the same ways, suffering from the same symptoms, our spirits forlorn as if their limbs were maimed. We will share the same perturb outcome--our placid bodies lying down, lifeless.

First, we need to gang up and start organizations that help protect unlucky animals that will grab the government’s attention. Next, breeders could start approving demanding buyers more accurately so no pedigreed pup is delicately handed into the wrong hands. It will take time, but if we are patient, we will reach our ultimate goal.

Leaders should step up to the plate for others who are too sheepish and shy to take up the challenges they might face. People out in this world, who just may not know it, are capable of making a difference in lives--animals and humans. They will come out of their shell eventually. For now, all that we can do is wait, and reach out a sturdy hand for those that we urge to join us so that we may create a difference in our nation and the world.

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This article has 1 comment.

Jess B. said...
on Jan. 24 2009 at 1:53 am
Nice work. I do not agree, however. People are absolutely more important than animals. Killing an animal is not murder...killing a human IS. It is definately wrong to torture a dog...but infinetly worse to torture a human - for no cause.

Nevertheless - good job!

-Jess B.


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