February 3, 2008
By Brianna Klink, Appleton, WI

Dear Editor,
The conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis has continued for years. Unfortunately, it is affecting the whole world, with some countries choosing sides. However, the United States should stay out.

Sporadic conflict happens all the time. While the past leaders, Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader, and Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister, both wanted peace, radical rebellion groups instigate violent attacks, and the conflict becomes heated again. Disputes over this land occur every day. Both want their own nationality to rule what is now Israel, and most importantly, the “Holy Land” of East Jerusalem; both sides have different ideas on how to rule it, resulting in bloody disagreement.

Children grow up hating the enemy without knowing any better. There are shootings and bombings, schools, stores, homes, in ruins. And worse, thousands of deaths. Awful, yes, but I think our place is to not be a part of this brutal conflict. The Israeli people were the victims of the Holocaust, with nowhere to go, and they still are “loners”, “outsiders”, hated by some countries and people to this day, and we have chosen to support them. Therefore, we are not neutral. So if we do go into this territory to try and help, we would be aggravating the Palestinian people, and all of those who are on their side. What is now a horrible conflict would turn worse, and other countries might begin to choose sides, making this conflict bigger than it needs to be, and even more awful.

Also, if we enter this territory, we’d be endangering our country. In the Days of Change: the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Rachel Hanel quotes Osama Bin Laden: “I will speak to you about the reasons behind these [September 11] incidents....The events that influenced me directly trace back to 1982 and subsequent events when the United States gave permission to the Israelis to invade Lebanon….”

This territory is something we shouldn't get too deeply involved in. Maybe this land needs the help of doctors, or teachers, or any other peaceful aid, but sending troops is not the solution, for that would result in more blood, in a more horrific mess. We should not make this conflict any worse.

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