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March 31, 2013
By chrysanthemum_belle BRONZE, Galena, Ohio
chrysanthemum_belle BRONZE, Galena, Ohio
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"Do not go gentle into that good night rage against the dying of the light"

So me, I guess, being the creative person I am decided to call it first entry. I'm not a very creative person. I enjoy writing and art and all sorts of things and every so often I'll get and idea but they a few and far between. So I guess I'll write about what I know. I'm good at talking about myself, I'm terribly narcissistic that way. Narcissistic and selfish. The works.

But I've always wanted to keep a diary but I've never been able to keep it up so maybe writing one online were people read this (do people read this?) will encourage and give me someone to talk to. I'm so alone sometimes. Well in reality not really. I'm also a liar. I'm probably a compulsive "Not only do compulsive liars bend the truth about issues large and small, they take comfort in it. Lying feels right to a compulsive liar. Telling the truth, on the other hand, is difficult and uncomfortable." What a paradox that is if a compulsive liar says they are a compulsive liar they are telling the truth but if they lie and say they are not their lying....Life is so strange that way)

I guess that makes me an unreliable narrator. So if you read this you have to decide what to believe. I'm probably going to change names or I might not, it just depends on whose story I'm telling.

But here is one little truth. My name is not Chrysanthemum. My last name is not Belle. In fact it's not even an acronym. It doesn't even use my initials , it's just some name I came up with. We read some orange book in second or third grade about a mouse named Chrysanthemum and the first time I needed to do something online but didn't want to use my name it popped into my head and I've been using it ever since.

I don't even know where Belle came from. The laws of baby naming state that you can't have two long names in a row i.e (maybe its e.g.) Chrysanthemum Slavikovsky-Martinkovicova. That is just weird. Belle also means beautiful, which sometimes I think I can be.

Just some things to think about.

With Love,


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