Summertime Ride

March 27, 2013
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Put your hands in the air wave them side by side
Make me some noise if you’re ready for the summertime!
Not everyone gets a chance to roam the streets of Paris or raid the beaches of Australia. Some of us got to sulk at home in the humidity and ever-shining sun!
Here’s a little guide to enjoy yourself to the fullest at home this summer!
Bring A Change In Your Personality
Everyone has seen your old self; won’t changing your hairstyle or taste in dressing up bring up admiring glances from your crew? Try something new this summer, roam the nearby shops and markets, boast a cute headband on your head or a bracelet with some funky message will bring some color to your everyday’s life.
Start Blogging
Is there any rocking way to convey your message or thoughts to the world other than blogging? Start a blog on Tumblr or Wordpress if you’re a beginner or Blogger if you have the know-how already. Work on the thing you know how to do best, write about the topic you’re most interested in. Follow those who have the similar tastes. Get a funky theme to make people feel welcome when they surf your site.
Make Yourself Believe You Rock
In every school, there’s a group which is commonly known as the “Cool Guys”. And others who are ‘not-so-cool’ want to join them or be like them. Hey, do you want to be recognized by people by a particular group, why don’t you want to be known as “this girl going there is Sarah” rather than “this girl is from the nerds’”? Be your own person, show people you rock as you are. If you’re one of those who attain inferior feelings about yourself than follow my advice, NEVER try to change who you are!
Learn To Cook or A Different Language
You have to change your hobbies and pastimes. Try learning to cook from your mommy or take some classes from some institute. If you’re going to learn to cook, try different cuisines of different countries, it will be more fun and a great experience for you.
If you have the passion of learning new languages like me, now is your chance. Pack your collection of dictionaries and stuff and join a place who can guide you all the way. Good luck.
Take Singing/Dancing/Acting Classes
Some of us are never really into literary works and books. Would joining a place to polish your acting/dancing or singing skills excite you? Won’t it be great to brag your guitar skills in your school or have a dance-off with your bestie after summers? Who knows, maybe you’ll get a record deal signed and an album out by the end of 2013.
Novel Reading
For me, having a summer without couple of dozen novels stacked in my bookshelf is a nightmare. Head to second-hand shop or Sunday Sales to grab a few for yourself. Try Ian Rankin and Simon Kernick if you’re action-thrill lover like me or check out Jodi Picoult or April Young Fritz if you want to shed a tear or two and laugh continuously.
Make Someone’s Day
Tweet a Directioner “Hey, Vas happening? You rocking?”, a Simpsonizer “Hey Angel, heard Cody mentioned you in a tweet” or a Belieber “Where would I be if you don’t believe, eh?”
These are just little examples, if someone is having a bad day, or even if they are not. Make there day one of the best by sharing a cute message with them or posting something on their wall. Tell someone you’re sweet or congrats them on their teeniest achievement. Little things like this make big differences.
Join An NGO, A Youth Club
Who said, you cannot achieve much b/c you’re young? Go Simpson style and say “I’m so much more than ____________ (whatever your amazing name is)”. Join some constructive and beneficial club or any charity/NGO. Make a difference this time of the year.
As we know, we can change the outcome if we join and reach out a hand. All it takes is someone, stepping forward and making a stand.
Discover New Things
The world is beautiful, no doubt. If you can’t roam around it try checking out their cultures and traditions. Read about those exotic places you see on the calendar covers or try listening an entire album in a language you don’t know. Make foreign friends and discover as much as you can. Get your head back, relax and enjoy this summer to fullest.

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