Population Crisis

August 28, 2008
By Jocelyn Boucher, Vallejo, CA

When you think of global warming, you think of oceans rising,ice caps melting, and carbon dioxide, right? Well, we don't have much in common. Personally, I think that the biggest problem is human beings. There are way, way too many. About six and a half billion of us.

One of the problems is China. They have a law there. You can only have one child. Why? About one in every six people are Chinese. That is very unfotunate. But, what if every country was like that? Well, the earth couldn't hold all those people, for one. There would be total chaos and there wouldn't be any space at all. Scary, huh?
I'm a bit of a philosopher, I think that people all have their advantages and disadvantages, so everyone is equal. You may be unhappy at one time poorer, or healthier, but you may have love, friends, and family. Or a mix of these all. Anyways, my point is, today you have computers, homes, food two minutes away in a deep frier, and global warming.

You can count that bony man's ribs in magazines, and watch people who wiegh over five hundred pounds get a hamburger that could feed that bony man's entire family. Well, earth is about to enter a stage where there won't be enough food. If everyone on earth were to eat everyday, they wouldn't have a hamburger with three patties and seven pieces of bacon. They'd have about one fourth of a bocon strip. Why? As more people are born, they buy a house. Trees have to be cut down,shipped, built into a house on cleared land and there has to be an electricity, water, and gas supply in the house. Well, saythatperson is Bob, Bob wants lots of kids, so he has seven. Bob's children each have to have seven times more land cleared, water supply, gas, and electricity. Then they have children, twenty five total. Then twenty five times more of all those supplies need to be made. Now, what if Bob only had one or two children? And Bob had two grandchildren? But, Bob still wanted a big family, so Bob adopted three children, or should I say, SAVED THREE CHILDREN.
What if every man was a Bob? Would there be global warming? Would earth have to provide so many things to humans? Would we be running out of gasoline and fresh water? Would it be less expensive to feed your family? Wold you have to pack your family into a tiny hybrid because you can't afford gasoline for your larger, more comforatable car?
It was one hundred degrees outside today. Now if scientists are correct and the tempature rises twenty degrees in the next sixty years, how will anything grow in that heat? How will water stop from getting hot? Will animals be able to stand that heat? What if the tempature goes up ten more degrees? People can't live in that heat.
If we don't do something about earth's poulation, there won't be an earth inhabitable for humans, or life. It will be too hot.
Don not fret, if we do something about the poulation of earth now and the powerful become less ignorant, we can make laws so no one will have to be like China, desperate for smaller numbers. If we use more birth control and have one to two children, the population will go down, and our troubled world, may just be resolved. Anyone with detirmination has more power than you can ever imagine. And if we all had that detirmination for a good change, earth will be saved.

The author's comments:
I wake up scared, for my family, for later generations, and even for myself I fear that I won't reach my golden years. But if everyone read my article, and everyone tried to make a change, I wouldn't have that worry, niether would millions of others.

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