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Canal Street

Have you ever been to Canal Street? Well, it’s a horrid place that smells like harsh cigarette smoke and foul car fumes mixed with ancient chinese food. All that is audible is people babbling to each other in every single language except English, so it seems. You’re practically going deaf from the clamorous car horns. Everyone is constantly aware of the littered, sticky, pavement underfoot and the money burning a hole in their pocket. The fabric of clothing sticks to you because of the heat. All the clothing, accessories, and shoes around just don’t seem appealing enough. The aftertaste of fattening food hangs in the mouths of many, the gum barely changing the sour taste. All that’s in view is bogus Rolexes, Prada bags, and Chanel. There are gigantic subway signs everywhere and a grand illuminated Mcdonald’s sign casts red and yellow shadows on the boulevard. The slamming car doors never seem to cease. The sound of feet on concrete echos through the streets. Well, sounds like a utopia, have fun!

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