Moving Away

January 10, 2008
By Katarina Mork, Delta, UT

When you first find out that you are moving, it smacks a nerve! Af first you get the feeling of disbelief, like ha ha your funny! Then the realization, like oh my heck! Are we really? Crying and/or yelling usually come next, depending on how far away, or how much you like the place you are leaving. Then you don't talk to your parents, knowing that it won't change their minds, but you decide to give it a try anyway. Next you tell a friend in class and it is like a chain reaction, everyone going; What? You're Moving?!? How? When? Where? and Why? are usually the questions that follow. After about a week the whole town knows, and you are being asked the same questions about 20 times a day. And you are saying to yourself, "This is getting old!" People say they are going to kidnap you and my favorite, "I can't believe that you are leaving me." About a week before you leave the questions start again. Are you sad? When are you leaving? Then you have to start asking teachers; When is the next test? When is this assignment due? When do I have to hand it in?...and Do I really have to do this silly Math assignment on the last day of school here?
An easier way to deal with it is to write it down. Write down the pros and cons of moving. Then you won't have such a hard time on your last day. Make sure to keep those pros in your mind. If you are staying with someone and you like them or can't stand them write down how you feel. Don't keep it bottled up inside. Don't yell at them it is not their fault. So if your Mom and Dad are away looking for a house and you are left to cry write down your feelings, but don't take it out on them.
Realize that soon after you move you will settle in and it will get better.
That's the way I handle moving.

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