Blame Myspace

January 10, 2008
By Joe Riley, Santa Barbara, CA

When I say "blame myspace" I dont mean only blame myspace. I mean blame myspace collectively with the rest of this unnecessary technology that has made my generation social trogladites. We sit face to face but can't speak freely unless intoxicated, or with a keyboard at our hands. The awkwardness( intrestingly I, a pretty decent speller, often spell this word wrong and not on purpose) I've felt like hurricane winds at supposedly friendly dinners is enough to make one want to off themself in the California Pizza Kitchen bathroom. The formerly common practice of looking in another human in the eye, as so one can feel the cognizance and unspeakable meaning of their words has now become an almost extinct method of communication. This reticence for closeness is only further proven by the phenomenon of text messaging. Text messaging is the devil; plain and simple. I dont mean just because I've watched pretty blonde girls cry from the wrath their fathers have cast down upon them after recieving their cell phone bills, but because they have made it so even the most simple of human communication no longer even has to be done verbally. I will concede text messages are convenient at times, like during class or movies that your seeing just to get some, but between friends these messages can be confusing. Text messaging as a whole is confusing, because there are three states of tone, confused/ interrogative( sentences ending with a ?) excited or angry( setences ended with a !) and bland( sentences ending with a period or more commonly a cama or absolutely nothing at all). It completely removes sarcasm, compassion, and essentially all dimensions to the human pysche that makes the human minde unique. To put it simply, we all love technology because it makes our lives much easier, however it is also taking its toll maybe not on you but perhaps on your soul. So before this all gets too out of control, lets put ourselves on artificial communication parole. Hug someone please, call someone to say your on your way, it may just save our children.

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Stephen said...
on Sep. 7 2008 at 12:37 am
For being a pretty decent speller, you sure seem to miss the mark on plenty of words. I counted 7 spelling mistakes. However, your article does make a fair point.


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