Emaciated Clones

January 8, 2008
What defines beauty? What defines a model? Nowadays, when the fashion show starts, the strut of skin and bone pounds the catwalk. Protruding ribs and concave stomachs are the most obvious parts of these so-called beauties. I didn’t know that looking like a skeleton was this year’s hottest trend. I thought high-fashion was about making the clothes look good. I’m not seeing how stunning garments can look good on a walking corpse. As more and more young models force themselves to starve to look good in an unnatural size negative six, depressing images are sent out to the younger generation, making us feel bad that we can not be as skinny. No healthy looking person should look like a toothpick. With the constant pressure of being a size the width of a flagpole, younger girls want to lose weight to look beautiful as defined by what they see on the runway. Maybe if everyone loses half of their healthy body weight and buys the designers’ clothes the super thin models wear, we can look just like those skinny clones! The impression we get is that younger people should not eat, should concentrate on losing weight, and should try to look as thin as possible. Waiflike models warping the images of what a human being should look like are not positive images to send out. Models that collapse because of malnutrition are not healthy role models to follow. Health issues, even death, are the results of pressure to be underweight. Where has everyone’s self-confidence gone? Curves are delicious and are actually worth showing off to the world. Looking unhealthy and not filling out clothes is not beautiful and not worth promoting in an advertisement or on the catwalk.

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Jcute said...
Sept. 4, 2008 at 1:23 am
that's so stereotypical and offensive! i'm 92 pounds, 5'4, and I eat more than all of my friends. I'm tired of being analyzed in the group of concieted and everything. I'm healthy, and this article contradicts everything i believe in.
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