January 23, 2008
By Adam Conover, Indio, CA

Last year at my school, the cafeteria sold all different types of food at lunch. In the lunch line, the cafeteria sold the usual food: hamburgers, chicken nuggets, burritos, and other types of food. Also last year the food prices were pretty decent. They weren't too expensive, yet they weren't cheap. A standard lunch was one dollar and fifty cents. In the main lunch line, they would also sell cookies, chips, and other sweets. Mostly everything extra was about fifty cents.
This year everything has changed. In the lunch line this year, they no longer sell any cookies, chips, or other goodies. The only things they sell are the standard school lunches and little packs of carrots. They also took away our soda machine away from us and they had the nerve to raise the price of Gatorade and water. Last year they were a dollar for a regular sized bottle. This year they are a dollar and twenty five cents. They also made the gatorade bottles smaller. They are now the travel size Gatorade. What is the school thinking? They are cheating students out of their money!
The only reason they took away the snacks and the soda machine is because teens these days are obese. If they think they are going to make kids skinnier by taking away our soda machines and our snacks then they are wrong. Students are still going to eat snacks and drink soda even if they can not buy them at school. Usually everyday before school, hordes of kids go to the gas station and buy snacks, candy, and soda. School is not the only place for teens to buy soda and candy at.
I think it is the parent's faults that the youth of America is overweight. The parent's are the ones that are buying their kids McDonald's and Burger King. They are the ones that are making them obese. They need to stop attacking and blaming the fast food restauraunts because their kids are obese. It is not their fault that they are just doing their job and selling food.
Also, the parent's today just let their kids come home from school, grab a bag of chips, and watch television for the rest of the night. If parents think that their kids are starting to become overweight, nothing is holding them back from enrolling their kids into a gym. They could also make their kids join a sport after school. There are millions of options for parents to choose to make their kids not become oveeweight. If the parent's of the youth of America want to point fingers at someone for making their children obese, then they need to point their figners right back at themselves. They are the only ones to blame for their kids being overweight.

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