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January 23, 2008
“You bring the dew?”
“Of course I did.”
“Good, let’s get this started.”
Me, A.J., Josh and Mark sit down. It’s time for that weekly ritual to begin once more. I take out the character sheets, and all of the dice. Then I hand the sheets to everyone and pull out the new map I made.
“Let the dungeons and dragons game begin.” I say.
This is what my friends and I do every weekend. Not necessarily DnD, but we also have Cheetoes and Mountain Dew. Then we play some games, and we live at the top of nerd-dom. It may not be the coolest, but it’s fun, and I think it’s a good way to spend a Saturday. Not something to be made fun of for. I don’t criticize the way you spend the week, you don’t criticize mine. That’s how life should go.
Unfortunately, it’s not.
Often, I am criticized for my “uncool” actions. The fact that the most important thing in my Saturday night is a D20 and some close friends is, apparently, stupid.
But I think what you do is dumb compared to mind. Why is going to a party, drinking and doing drugs cool? Whatever. At least what I’m doing isn’t killing me. Most teenage parties will have alcohol or illegal drugs. Not, I’m not stereotyping, I’m telling the truth. My brother is 17 and he always tells me about how his friends who he’s known since 4th grade have been turned to drugs. Almost half, in fact.
So maybe What we’re doing is “uncool” but, it’s fun and smarter then you think. No, I’m not saying “PLAY DND!!!” Or “BE A NERD!!!!” I’m saying, “Do something that doesn’t involve slowly killing your brain with drugs or alcohol.” If you think about it, it’s not dumb. In fact, it’s the opposite.

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