Capital Punishment

January 24, 2008
By Tyler Nelson, Arlington Heights, IL

One’s government does NOT possess the right to take other humans’ lives. Today’s society views serial killers and murderers as horrible and lowly yet citizens of the US elect officials that ARE killers. The United States government is currently using a method of punishment called capital punishment which is sentencing death to someone who has done something extraordinarily wrong. This punishment is used by the US excessively. 53 people were executed in the United States in 2006 due to the capital punishment which was the sixth largest number of people killed of the capital punishment in the world! China had the greatest with about 8,000 people! One should not be able to force death upon another legally. The death punishment should be eliminated in the United States.
Just recently, an Oswego man was accused of the murder of his family, four other people. He was threatened with the capital punishment. If found guilty by a jury he will be executed. What if he IS found guilty and killed? But what if after he was murdered he is proved to be innocent? That is why capital punishment should be eliminated, especially in the illustrious US! In Russia, a serial killer who had a mental illness admitted to have cruelly taken 48 lives and swore he would kill 16 more, altogether 64. (One for each square on a chess board) He was sentenced by the Russian government to serve in a labor camp! Why does the United States kill people for a punishment while Russia and other countries such as Canada, Mexico, all of Australia, Greenland, and most of Europe NEVER use capital punishment, ever? One should not be allowed to decide the matters of life and death for another individual. The US NEEDS to take action and abolish the capital punishment before more helpless lives are taken.

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pma123 said...
on Sep. 6 2008 at 3:55 am
This is absolutely ridiculous. Tyler N, maybe you havent had any close friends or family killed, but if you did, you would understand the reason why capital punishment is in place. What type of society is one that allows serial killers and sex offenders to walk the streets? How is that helping our country? Are you willing to put the children of America on the line so you can say that were like "most of Europe"? Are hundreds of innocent lives worth international acceptance to you?


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