A Better Place

January 27, 2008
By Simon Pincus, Dix Hills, NY

As I pay attention to conversations with my friends I notice that a majority of the conversation is complaints. Teens love to complain to others as a way of being rebellious, to prove a point, but mainly to prove that there life is more difficult. When someone wakes up and feels that they are having a good day it is a major disappointment to hear someone complaining about there life. Also, when someone complains, it seems that they are self-centered. Complaining is extremely annoying and depressing. This is not saying that I never complain. Even when trying not to complain, it is a difficult task. If you pay attention the kids who don't complain they seem a lot more "together". Instead of complaining there are positive ways to speak. By saying a simple "good day" could make someone's day better and will make you feel better too. People love to talk about themselves so when having a conversation pretend you are interested in what they have to say. This eliminates the idea of being self-centered. This also improves the environment around you. People will began to be in a good mood and say kind things to other. So pay attention to what you are saying to others. Exchange every complaint you are about to say with something positive. It can make the world a better place.

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