Basic Needs

January 28, 2008
By Alex Mermelstein, Commack, NY

Everyone needs food, shelter, and clothing. This is the physical aspect of life. Yet, humans all have emotions too. Most people also have emotion needs. My three other basic needs are family, respect, and electronics.

Family is a broad term for safety. Family allows me a feeling of home. They are the net of safety I can fall back on and turn to for help. They are always there, from birth to death (hopefully). I look to them for my spirit and my motivation. I could not imagine life without my family. Just knowing they are there brings me happiness. Family keeps me relaxed and emotionally stable.

Another basic need I have is respect. I am a shy person who is always willing to follow the rules. I am not much of a leader and am vulnerable to being bossed around. Respect is a courtesy I need to feel comfortable near people. I need people to respect me as there equal, not as their pawn that they can boss around and pressure into doing things. Luckily, bullying is frowned upon in my neighborhood. Still respect from other people helps make me feel safer and relaxed and more open to talking to them. This need is also based on keeping myself happy.

My last need is electronics. This need is a more of a relaxation need. Everyone needs some fun and relaxation. New technology is my haven of fun and games. After a long day of learning and boredom, I need some relaxation and fun. New technology like computers and TV are my relaxing stress reliever. Without them I would be lost in stress and boredom. Reading an occasional book is fun, but I could live off of new technology as my only source of fun. I don’t know how I could live if that last line was switched. I could last a little while with out electronics, but eventually I would need it.

So, other than food, shelter, and clothing, I need family, respect, and electronics. Fun, relaxation, and comfort, the main components, are also necessary in order to keep my life emotionally stable. My basic needs keep more than my body alive and running smoothly, they keep my mind alive and running smoothly.

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