Not Tested on Animals

January 30, 2008
Have you ever seen the labels on things like cosmetics that say "Not tested on animals"? That's a good thing. Many people are unaware of the horrors of product testing on animals. Animals are forced to undergo painful tests that often kill them. Rabbits are immobilized; and products are dropped or rubbed into their eyes, or rubbed on patches of bare skin that had the hair shaved off. Animals (often rats) are force-fed products and endure stomach pain, diarrhea, and sometimes convulsions (seizures) and paralysis. Animals are also fed products to see if they develop cancer. Often, these tests kill the subjects.
That's not all. These tests may be for nothing. That's right, nothing. Many of these tests are not applicable to humans. For example, rabbits' eyes are more sensitive to chemicals than humans'. Those tests are also subjective, so different labs or even different studies within the same lab might get different results. And some of the amounts of substances given to animals are way out of proportion to what a human might accidentally ingest. Many of the tests also give false positives. The acute toxicity test (where they force-feed products to animals) only has an accuracy of 65%. And the cancer test has a false positive rate of more than 70%. There are many, more accurate tests that do not involve animal cruelty. Products should not be tested on animals especially since they are not very accurate. So, don't buy any products that states that it's tested on animals.

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