I Can Make Difference

January 31, 2008
I believe that it isn’t a hard thing to make a difference in the world, or in someone’s life. Personally to me I believe I can make a difference by just being my self. When I show others my true self, and not a fake mask that I put up to impress people, others thing that this kid is really genuine. I think that this world needs more people that are just genuine and true in all of their words. A lot of times in my day I feel like I see two different people in one day, when really it’s just one person with two completely different personalities. In front of there friends at school they need to be cool, and drink and party, but then a lot of them go to the same church that I got to, and put on this mask saying I’m a clean holy person and I don’t do anything bad, when in reality they are really aren’t who they say they are. When people around me see that I am being myself in front of anyone, never mattering who it is, it’s almost like a chain effect, and soon enough others are doing the same thing. It seems like this is something everyone should be doing, as a natural thing, but the way I see things is that people aren’t living up to their true selves. I have found enough security in my own life that I am able to not care what others thing of me. If they want to critique my character in certain ways then they can continue to do so and I will listen to them. But if there are going to judge and put me under a stereotype and just outcast me from there group because I am not being the way they want me to be, then these people aren’t my friends, nor are they something I want to be a part of.

As I continue to be myself, and as people continue to see something different about me compared to a lot of others, they start to change themselves, and this is something I truly hope will happen. This is how I believe I can change people and the world, and how I can make a difference in not only the people’s lives that are living now, but for future generations.

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