The Truth about No

January 31, 2008
By Ivy Drewell, Glen Ellyn, IL

Under all the elaborate coatings, hidden beneath the games we play; this is all nothing. The older I grow the more the weight of the world pushes down on me: college, high school, family, homework, sports, friends. Everything had been calm, under control; until the water around me begins to rise, pursuing in more rapid haste than I would have ever imagined. Unless I learn to tread soon, the waves will engulf me, throw me in and out of each current and toss me upon a shore. Scrapes on my knees, and sand in my mouth; I’m just back to where I’d begun.

Every year they train you for the next, first for middle school, then on to high school. At home you being weaned into the life of work, and hardened to the world. There’s never a time where we can unwind- just breathe and enjoy what is happening right now, not worrying over the shadows before you. It irritates me most when adults try to make you understand that what going in your life is mere child’s play, an over exaggeration. But the truth is, nobody is teaching us these things with righteousness; they’re just shoving spoonfuls of it into our mouths, impatient for us to digest the things we have to be, and leaving no room for what we might really want.

Sometimes people get greedy, and don’t take the time to notice that what they’re actually asking is beyond your reach. So even though I wish to go to a great college, don’t compel all negative things into my mind, at least let me straighten out my plan before you go and knock it over. I’ve been scoffed at more than once for saying that I wish to go to Princeton. But the fact is, I know myself more than anyone else, and I wouldn’t voice that if I believed it was beyond my ability. Admitting your doubts in me only makes myself more immune to it, and creates a more determined persona inside.

You can look at me, and speak whatever you wish, because I believe there is a silver lining in everything, and if it’s your passion, go; let everyone stand there with their jaws wide open. Life is about finding you- your purpose, and waiting around or shying away only makes the fate inside you fade. Even if there is too much on your plate, gobble it down with an unrestrained hunger for living your fullest.

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