January 31, 2008
By Alex Martino, East Northport, NY

I think that people always control thier own destiny. I think that fate is an excuse that people use when things go wrong or they do something good because they can't explain it themselves. The people of ancient Greece used to use gods and goddesses all the time to explain misfortune, such as bad weather. I think that the same applies to people today. If you are undefeated in soccer, for example, and you lose your last game and don't come in first place, some people just say that fate made it so they wouldn't win. Well, there could also be problems like your top scorer wasn't feeling well and some people stayed up late at a party and didn't tell anyone. I think that every descision, no matter how seemingly insignificant, adds up to a whole event. If you make the right descisions, good things should happen. If you don't, it may just be the circumstances and you'll get it the next time more likely than not. If you make bad choices, the bad things that happen as a result can only be blamed on you or some other natural force. Even if it sometimes feel better to think so, I do not believe fate exists.

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