Dream of a world without poverty

January 31, 2008
I have a dream that someday, there will be no poverty in the world. To walk down the streets in a city seeing homeless men, women, and children saddens me. All they want in the world is to be able to live, and by not having a home, a part of their lives is taken away. This unfortunately happens all over the place, not only in cities, but in entire countries. There are many third-world countries where innocent children cannot even afford to attend school. What kind of world do we live in when the people of the future cannot go forward to pursue a career to better themselves; to better the world? Future doctors and Presidents could be living on the streets right now, but we will not acknowledge this: We would rather turn our heads the other way rather than face reality. People are dying on the streets from diseases and hunger. there are parents who only want to provide for their children, but cannot do so properly. Does this mean they do not love their children? No! Parents will love their children no matter what. Poverty does not make people bad; if anything, it should teach the rest of the world a lesson. this is why my dream is to have no more poverty in the cities, in the countries, in the world! Please take a few minutes to really think how the world would be without poverty. It could be a really lovely place to live! Thank you.

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