So I was just thinking...

February 1, 2008
K, so I was just thinking... yes I know I think a lot lol. I was just thinking about old people, completely random topic to think about, but as I was thinking about them it, it was inspiring. I mean old people can be the greatest isperation for any one, especially if you actually set down wih them and listen to their stories, after all they like to tell them, and you can learn a lot from them even if its not intended to teach you anything, everything they say has some sort of messege behind them. And also their stories are pretty good, most the one Ive talked to has served in our countries military and they told me some stories, they never really went into details with lack of time seeing on how we usually meet on the streets, but they all tell me that the military has been the best thing theyve ever done. They recieved oppertunities that civillans never have a chance to do and they met a varity of different people and gained not friends but a second family. Ive only talked to the ones in the navy thus far since Fairbury is the town of Navy lol. Its so awsome, when I tell them that Im enlisting their eyes lights up with pride and happiness and thats when they tell me about when they were in the navy, they tell me its the best thing that has happened to them and its just... just wonderful! I love listening to their stories, it is inspiring to hear them and the old people that tells them are so proud of what they have accomplished. I would love to sit down with more of them and actually have time to listen to a few stories, Navy, Marines, Army and Airforce. They all have a place in our countries defence and I would love to hear their stories. Its easier to learn about history from them instead of a book, theyve been there and seen it happen with their own eyes, though sometimes they can exagerate on their stories but it still interesting. Those stories are the stories that can e heard over and over even after you know it by heart, I still want to hear their stories.

K, well, I like old people lol. Oviously you can learn a lot from them and they have so much wisdom and they love when people wellingly listens to them, it makes them feel good and proud just know that some one is enerested in thier life. Some has served in the military and they love speaking abut their journey and the people they met and places they've seen, even those who hasnt served have pretty good stories, even if its just "I remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon" lol. Its history and they want to tell about it.

Well this is all that Ive got. If you read this Im asking you to just sit down with an elderly person and let them talk, listen to their stories and perhaps you'll learn something that you never knew, and if you are enlisting in the military find one that has served in your branch of choice its inspiring and it makes you want to work harder to achieve your goals and make them proud of serving and in the end it makes you proud and makes you think of where you are heading and also it well feel as if it was the best decission of your life. They want to tell you thier story, all you have to do is listen and take it all in, let them voice out thier thoughts, and dreams and goals. After all you never know when they well no longer be able to tell it, and if you didnt listen when you had a chance to you'll never have the chance to understand what it was like in their time and oull never be able to cxarry on their memories in their stories they tell.

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