Out of Control

February 2, 2008
By Zoe McCabe, Mokena, IL

Is this world really spinning that far out of control that we have to kill defenseless children and babies? Do we really not have enough money that we have to hijack cars and rob houses? Well the answer that is undetermined, in alone the city of Chicago with a population of 2,898,374 there are about 600 murders a year and 22,779 car thefts per year. Although the crime rate in Chicago has been said to have dropped it is still very high.

The U.S. considered the most murderous country in the industrialized world. In 2003 the city of New Orleans their murder rate was 274 per year with a population of 475,128 that’s every 53 person per 100,000 people. Where as in 2003 the city of Oakland, CA had 114 murders with a population of 414,161 that’s only 25 people per every 100,000. So with that not every city is extremely dangerous but consider everywhere dangerous.

More and more troubled children are the shooters or bringing guns or other forms of weapons to school. Fathers and Mothers are killing there friends relatives and even there children because they bottle everything up inside. Same goes as husbands, wives, friends, sisters; brother anybody and everybody are bottling everything not working anything out just waiting for that one thing to put you over the edge. Not caring who you hurt or kill even if it’s the innocent and that would be everybody.

Like the teen on December 5, 2007 that shot those people in the mall in Omaha, Nebraska because his lost his girlfriend and this troubled him. Or the Virginia Tech shooting were more than 20 students and teachers were killed.

We could have helped these people and we can help the troubled people now. We don’t have to bully or make fun of people because they are different (different is good it means you are unique and you have your own identity). And if you are being bullied or have suicidal or homicidal thoughts go talk to someone that won’t judge you and it doesn’t have to be a therapist it can be a friend or relative that is close to you. Just think what if that was your husband or wife, mom or dad, sister or brother or anyone that you love. How would you feel?

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bobcheese said...
on Sep. 8 2008 at 2:21 pm
wow....wow thats all i have to say well that and this article is so amazing


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