What true love means

February 2, 2008
By Teresa Jahries, Morongo Valley, CA

people think that true love is like a fairytale and that everything always turns out right and that nothing will ever go wrong. in reality it never happens. people, honestly look at your relationships with your bf's or gf's, if something doesn't go right do u sit there and get mad or blow someone off cuz you don't like wat you're hearing? Well take a hard look at wat u think love is.
love isn't all about the unexpected gifts, or the kisses, hugs, cuddling, or the surface conversations bout what movies u want to see, or what music you like. it's so much deeper than that. in order to have a true relationship you need to handle unexpected situations, or even if it is expected, how to deal with them, and be able to help the other person.

love isn't just an outward emotion or action that we express, it's so much more than that. it being there and actually listening. trust me cuz if someone is really trying to tell you something deep, that they want to share its better to be open and willing to hear, even if it's stupid little thing, its the fact that you sacraficed your need's to spend time to listen to somebody else. they might not even want you to say something, its the fact that your just listening. just being there is what helps a relationship, through anything, from failing tests, family, friends, or anything. even if it means you sacrafice your sleeptime to answer a phone call at three in the morning cuz they need someone to talk to. just be there.

i could writte so much more on this, but after reading this, look back at what i've said and ask your self, what is my relationship like, and are we strong, can we face anything that comes our way, physically and emotionally, and then tell me wether you know wat true love means.

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