Masculinity and the evil behind it

August 27, 2008
Men. I hate men. Not just any guy. I'm talking about the sterotypical "rugged and tough" guy.
You know, the manly man that talks about how much he can benchpress whenever he sees anyone that he thinks would be interested (which in their mind is everyone). The 'manly man' that mistreats woman; the gym teacher who attempts to make every boy he sees into someone whose main agenda is working out, being a womanizer, mistreating women, picking on people because they throw a ball or do a pull-up (people that are sensitive, kind, and caring towards people and have a selfless attitude); Other "Manly Men" could be players, selfish half witted jocks. rapists, or many other titles from America's list of most committed crimes.
How often do you see a crime committed by a women? And if you do they are 30 more of a higher and more severe nature committed by a "tough" guy.
Men and boys aspiring to be men make gym and other "manly" (AKA-> Stupid) activities BRUTAL for sensitive (AKA-> caring and normal) individuals and there is no reason for how men treat other people. Men think they are better than everyone , well at least masculine 'tough' guys who split their time between working out and gawking at women like mindless retards.
Manly men that put their 'rugged' and 'tough guy' and 'masculine' attitudes above everything else, well except their ego.
The point is that thisworld does not need "manly", egotistical, naive men any longer. They are the infected and oozing infection the butt of society and its only getting bigger and more infected everyday.

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