Losing Senses

August 26, 2008
By Kimberly Phoenix, Augusta, GA

It’s amazing how busy we become; how our lives go from blissful simplicity to a chaotic mess in a matter of seconds. We wake up. Go to the kitchen for breakfast. Assuming we are cleaned up, we head out for the car. We drive to either work or school. We are faced with multiple choices throughout our day that overwhelm us -- or not. We come back home and head towards the kitchen. We enjoy our few minutes relaxing and getting cleaned. We do any work that’s left over. We sleep. In our deep sleep is where we truly find the bliss. Yet, it is short-lived for we must wake up and relive our day.

There is no time in our busy schedules, whether they are similar or massively different than the one described above, to take the time to relax and breathe. We barely take the time to pause and think about how we have enough time. A flower has the perfect amount of time in its life to germinate, grow, bloom, pollinate, and die. A bear has enough time to forage for enough food to last the winter months. Time is a wonderful thing because there is just enough of it. There is just enough time to discover the talents, rights, and privileges one has -- that is given by the One who made it -- and do what you’re called to do in life.

We have just enough time to pause and breathe it all in; to absorb all the complex shades of one simple color; to learn the names of each of the smallest smells and sounds; to walk along the creatures of the forest as if you were one of their own. To dream.

Those that don’t live with this mindset -- the fact that we have enough time to slow down, to breathe, to let it all soak in -- live their lives chaotically. Time passes by fast not allowing them to breathe until suddenly they feel like they’re drowning and suffocating until they lose their senses. They forget what it is like to look at the world. They forget the smells of their past. They walk pass a rose and doesn’t realize the real beauty in it. They walk pass a person on the street and forget how beautiful their soul is capable of being. Their eyes are closed and they become unaware. They become dead in the senses -- like zombies. Their eyes become open once they learn how to breathe -- out.

It may seem contradictory, yes I know, but we don’t have enough time to not take our time. Life is short. I was listening to a song called Forever 17. It’s about dying at the age of seventeen. I’m seventeen. And sick.


It is short.

Oh, how I long to be a child again, when dreaming was a way of life. We forget how to dream as we grow old. We forget about the magic that filled our worlds. We forget the worlds we were able to create. We forget how we could live. I could live as if magic filled my spirit; fulfill goals that seemed utterly impossible with a touch of my finger. Create a world that is unimaginable -- a Utopia. I could imagine Heaven. I could dream of angels. I could dream of flying to the moon. I could dream of freedom in every shape and size. I could live life and not have to ask “Why?”

Why? It is a small, one-worded question that has many big and complex answers. Why are we here? Why does the sun set? Why do we live in the days we long to die? Why does the world try to change our way of life? Why are we promised love, but given hate? I’ve asked a lot of questions like this in my life -- and more.

We spend a lot of time asking “why?” We don’t spend enough time finding the answer. We want the easy way out. Have the answer come to us. We want the answer to fall into our hands just as easily as a life falls into the path of the living dead. At this point our senses are beginning to fail. We don’t want to seek the answer. Therefore, we wait, like vegetables in a field waiting for life to end.

I’m guilty of most of this. My senses have begun to become lost. I believe it is inevitable. No one wants to work for something, when others -- who are working so hard to find an answer -- are willing to give it to them. No one wants to behave like a child, because they’re afraid that the world will think lowly of them, that they are idiots, that they will have no success in life.

There are people that are more aware of it than others. The old, the sick, the poor…they’re all aware of it just a little more. They understand life’s twists and turns, so they take advantage of the time that they do have.

We all lose our senses at one point in life. It may be temporarily, it may be permanently, depending on the willpower a person has. The willpower to force their eyes open. The willpower to be aware of their surroundings. I’m not saying this as a professional. I’m just a girl that forced her eyes open to be aware. Time seems to go more slowly now. Not as fast as it once was where it seemed like there was no time in the day for me to rest. It is slow. Slower. Blissful simplicity. Dreaming.

The author's comments:
I was just sitting around one day contemplating how much time we really had. We hear it the question everywhere. What would you do if you had an x amount of time to live?
What I hope the reader gets out of this, is to learn how to slow down and rest instead of buying constantly busy.

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Angelica said...
on Aug. 30 2008 at 7:51 pm
Wow.....it was good....and long?


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