Born Again

March 13, 2008
By Andrew Trivett, Cincinnati, OH

Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm 18, and I found out that I was attracted men when I was very young. I was 12, and remember this vividly. When I hit puberty at 13, I realized that I would always enjoy looking at men. So I didnt really want anyone to know I was that way. So I just kept dating girls even if I didnt like most of them.

I came out to my parents in the 11th grade. I hadn't planned on living my life a lie and it took a lot off my chest when I did come out. I was very afraid and my parents rejected the fact that I was gay. But, after a while they came down to realization that it is who I am and they can't change it. i came out to my friends one by one needing to relieve myself of confusion and frustration. i came out to my best friend over texting ad it wasn't like i wanted it to be but it worked out in the long run anyways. he accepts me. I dated guys but I can't seem to find the right guy. I am a senior so I am ready to find a relationship. I start college in the fall so I plan to be with someone very soon.

To all of you who are worried about coming out, don't be. At first people will be a little disturbed, but later on they will accept it and some people will then come out to you. Just work your way through it and you'll all be okay. Its not as bad as you think. So more power to all of you. As long as you believe in yourself and you are ready to be who you were born to be, instaed of living a lie, then you have a better chance at succeeding in the world of homosexuality.

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on May. 17 2009 at 10:45 pm
Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
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...thank you. I'm glad to see things are working out for you.

I've yet to out to my parents. That's the hard parrrrrt. >.<

on Mar. 19 2009 at 6:23 pm
Poet17 PLATINUM, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I really like this story. I can totally relate to your story.


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