Friendship that Difference

May 6, 2008
By Shawntele Gormany, Amarillo, TX

It is important to seek friendship with people who are different. Because most of the times when you are friends with someone like you, you have harder times getting alone with each other. For example, if you are a bossy person, and like to boss people around and you have a friend that the same, chances are that yall are not going last in friendship wise. There was this girl named Sherry she was so different than the people at my school. She was so nice and caring but hardly anybody liked her. I could understand that. I could remember walking by her in the hallways acting like I didn’t notice her and all I wanted was to be different like her and not like everybody else. For many months I was a "fake" I seek to be friends with someone different than how I was raised. So finally one day I walk up to her and said "hi my name is Shawntele " That’s pretty I’m surprise you talk to me most of the time you walk by me like you don’t see me" she said oh I’m sorry its just you are so different"." The people here are not as caring and nice like you”.” Sometimes I wish I could be different like you". "But you can" she said "you don’t have to be like the people you know."Etc..... Sherry was very helpful that day so from then on I started to be myself, to be different and people started likening me
For me I can honesty say that, that day I learn how important it is to be different or hang around different people

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