They Are Not Killing Anyone

May 1, 2008
By Yessenia Crespo, Auburn, NY

Do people honestly think that a president or governor is going to change anything by building a fence to keep the Hispanic immigrants from coming in to the United States? No matter what they do they are always going to find ways they can come through. They don’t come here to hurt or kill anybody they come here to work and support their families. Obviously they come here because they don’t have a lot of money. Did you know that in Mexico parents have to pay for their children to go to school? Its not like the united states where we can go to a public school for free we even get free lunch if we cant afford it. We as Americans have that advantage and some people don’t even care they drop out because they don’t know how it feels to not be able to get a education or going for a little time and having to drop out because you have to help your parents work so they can have more money for food and things that are necessary.

In Mexican there are only 2 social classes, which is the rich, and the poor. It’s not like the United States as where there are 3 social classes the poor, average and the rich. Here in the United States most people aren’t poor unless they don’t want to work because it’s not that hard to find a job. Did you know that a poor Mexican in Mexico makes about 50 to 100 pesos a day which is only 5-10 dollars in American money they make less than 50 dollars a week in Mexico doing even more work then when they come here to the united states. Can you imagine making 5 to 10 dollars a day being a grown man/woman?

A Hispanic comes here to prosper in their country they are not here to kill anyone. Can you imagine if the economy is already bad now imagine what would happen to the economy if we were to take out all the illegal immigrants it would definitely be way worse? We wouldn’t have anybody milking cows that means the milk price would be higher or even worse we wouldn’t have milk or other dairy products, You cant make cheese without milk right. Also who would be cutting down oranges or picking grapes, tomatoes or even lettuce? Hispanic immigrants do a lot of work that Americans don’t do nor appreciate. Did you know that most immigrants work two times harder than an American works?

I honestly think that illegal immigrants are actually helping out the United States not destroying it. Do you honestly think that an illegal is really happy to be here well if you think they are you thought wrong? They are here because they want to work and prosper in their country. Do you know that when they go somewhere they are thinking, “Oh god what if immigration comes” that’s something that they think everyday they are here? Can you imagine how they feel not being able to do what ever you want because your not a legal citizen, They also cant come in and out of the united states when they want to. Most illegal immigrants don’t see their families for years until they go back to their country.

I guess my point of writing this is that we all as legal citizens of the United States should appreciate and not discriminate against illegal when they are the ones who do the hardest jobs in the United States.

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