Is Cheerleading a Sport?

April 24, 2008
I am 16 and I am a cheerleader at Auburn High School. Being a cheerleader is great to do for fun or if you love it. When I started cheerleading I was just 4 years old to know where I am 16. When I was just 10 I got into an accented in a competition and I broke my foot and my hip. But five years later I am back into cheerleading. When you are in cheerleading it is just not about dancing it is about having fun with it and using your ideas to come up with a dance. Cheerleading is not for fun it is a sport. Girls and boys do it because it is dance but most of all they have fun with the dance all together.

The question is, Is Cheerleading A Sport? People these days are wearing a clothes saying, “Cheerleading is not a sport, so people should not have it around,” and somepeople disagree and I know that cheerleading is a sport. Some adults do not let their kids do cheerleading because the parents like it is wrong, and that is should not be apart of the schools activity and should band it. I still don’t know why people do think it is not a sport; I think it is because it is dancing. Now people are trying to vote to get cheerleading out of schools and I think it is just wrong to do. If you think cheerleading is a sport won’t you vote yes? I would and I am going to fight for it to be a sport.

I had talked to people and it was clear that a lot more people like cheerleading and some people don’t like it. 74% say it is and 26% say it isn’t but if I asked you where would you put yourself? So before you think cheerleading is not a sport just take a second and think before you say something. If you think it is pleased help the girls like me to get cheerleading a sport. So the rest is up to you, do you think cheerleading is a sport?

The boys and girls that work their butt off are sometimes injured or have a broken foot or arm what ever you can think of. We get tired, sick to our stomach, and we work hard to get their school teams basketball and football to won and sometimes that is how they get their way to the finals and we dance to win our competition. So think of the question that I asked you.

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