Serial Killers

February 7, 2013
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As the numbers of killers in the United States begins to rise, Techniques to catch them needs to be improved. What goes on inside the mind of a serial killer? What makes them kill? Nobody really knows exactly what makes them tick, but people have a good understanding of why they choose to kill and the reason they choose who they do. For years people have been researching killers, profiling them, identifying their MO’s and signatures, figuring out what really motivates these gruesome killers.

When you think of a serial killer you think of blood shot eyes, crooked teeth, and blood stained hands. You think of a monster out of a movie. You think of someone who looks like the living dead, but did you ever think a serial killer would be a clean cut well dressed collage professor like Ted Bundy, or a friendly old grandpa-like man just like Albert Fish. Most serial killers are white middle aged male and viewed as extraordinarily normal people who live normal lives.
In order to find these killers before they kill again, when you come upon a crime scene of a serial killer what do you look for? There are things you can find by the littlest detail. How the body is laid out show the emotion or no emotion the killer had, if the body is laid down so calm and peaceful with arms crossed over the chest it shows remorse. But if the body is just thrown out it shows that the killer had no remorse at all for his victim, and it is very possible that he killed out of anger or for some sadistic reason. Each killer has his or her own MO and signature, each has their own reasons for killing who they kill and why they kill. An MO means modus operandi the MO is how the killer kills, who he kills and how he lays out his victims after they are dead. Ted Bundy’s MO was young women who looked similar to an ex. He killed by strangulation and felt no remorse for his victims. Jeffery Dahmer killed young men who were gay and most black; he was a sexual sadist he killed for sex. But Dahmer felt remorse for his victims, he felt guilty after killing them but the urge to kill was to strong. Jeffery Dahmer is one of many killers who feel remorse for who he killed yet he chopped them up and scattered the remains in the woods behind his house. He had many ways to disposed of his victim, some he put in a big bin of strong hydrochloric acid; others were frozen and then smashed. Nobody really understands how a man who disposes of his victims in such gruesome ways could possibly feel remorse.
Are they born killers, what happens that makes them become the notorious killers they are. Jeffery Dahmer was abandon at the age of 16, his parents split up and both moved away, nobody took Jeff with them. Others like John Wayne Gacey had a rough child hood. When John was younger his mother was an alcoholic. His mother was very abusive and always told John he was worthless. Killers like Albert Fish had a history of mental illness in their family. Many on Fish’s relatives died in mental institutions.

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