January 30, 2013
By Kaitlyn Rubley BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
Kaitlyn Rubley BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
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Dictionaries are extremely helpful. We use them for so many things! I mainly use them in school, but I also sometimes use them outside of school.
I always wonder who wrote the dictionary, I kind of think it’s like a bible. No one really wrote it but someone got facts off the internet and wrote it. But then you think that they didn’t have internet back then and I wonder how they knew what words meant. I guess they asked really smart people to write down the definitions.
Dictionaries are not all the same. Some are ginormous with like 1000 pages, but some are really small. But the small ones are mostly for kids or something. They have so many words on them, I wonder if any dictionary has legitimately every single word in the entire universe that is actually considered a word. That must be 20000000 pages.
I like the college dictionary’s, they have a lot of words! But it’s also not too long and too heavy to carry around. In this generation we have started to use the book written dictionaries a lot less. We mainly use the internet dictionary.com which is very convenient and easy to use. But I like to just stay simple and use the books.
If we all start using the internet for reading and everything then we waste so much paper! Think of all the dictionaries and all of their millions of papers. It is such a waste of trees if we just start using the internet to look up definitions. We are always complaining about wasting paper, well why don’t we just stop making book dictionaries!!
Then we can just use the internet. But also there is the fact of being the wasted dictionaries and wasted paper still there. But people will probably lose them and the cost of them will go up. The more money we spend the more we will help the government. So I really personally think we should stop printing out book dictionaries because it is just such a waste of everyone’s time and a huge waste of trees.

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