April 10, 2008
By Ashley Meyer, Berwyn, IL

Through out history we have had pets and they have helped us out in so many ways and we enjoy having pets for the company and a friend. We enjoy the reasonability of taking care of our animals and helping us with things. Like dogs, for instance, they have helped and still are helping the blind, fireman, people in wheel chairs, older people, and little children. Animals even know if something is wrong or bad is happening the usually bark or come to get you. They know when you’re sad and they try to comfort you and cheer you up by licking you or cuddling up with you. They also are great to have around to have company so not so lonely or depressed there always there for you and put a smile on your face. They are always playful and enjoyable to hang out with. They love to play and are energetic. They are very smart when it comes to your emotions the know when you happy, mad or sad. Pets are great to have if you live by your self and if you need somewhere there for you. They also protect you from things and help you with things. They are caring and loving. They can be very playful and entertain you like dog playing fetch, cat playing with catnip and watching fish swimming. They can be so funny at times too like when a dog chases his tail or even a cat. They always make you happy even when they do bad things you can never be mad at them for to long. I also heard on the news that other day that animals help autistic children. They help autistic kids through therapy. There are also heroic pets.

Like for instance there was this black lab that helped a victim in hurricane Katrina and pulled him out of the water to prevent him from drowning. Another time a pet saved someone’s life was a dog pulled its owner and her daughter out of their burning
House. There are so many heroic animals out there saving lives everyday. We really need to start aspirating animals more and stop abusing them and people that do abuse animals should be punished more then what they are. So lets stop the abuse of animals and lets start caring more and respect our animals.

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