Black Friday: Foe or Friend?

December 11, 2012
By maddles2014 BRONZE, Stevinson, California
maddles2014 BRONZE, Stevinson, California
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Would any self-respecting American shopper pass up a once in a lifetime chance to accumulate great items at extremely reduced prices? Of course not! The idea that there are people all around the country who are bold enough to criticize savvy shoppers just for trying to take advantage of great sales is sickening. Black Friday receives relentless criticism from year to year, but for no real reason or motive. It is targeted by sour people who can’t leave well enough alone and worry about themselves during the holiday season.
Common complaints are that the sale times on black Friday are getting earlier every year. Although that may be the case, who is really complaining about it? Black Friday shoppers are not doing the complaining about the sale times, the people that don’t shop at all and don’t involve themselves in the tradition are. So why would people that stay home and sleep while the sales are taking place have anything to complain about?

Sue Patterson, a marketing director for the Swansea Mall in Rhode Island says that on black Friday, the big ticket are always sold first (TV’s, furniture, electronics, etc.). Within two or three minutes, she sees people standing in line at the cash register with several TV’s in their carts. According to Patterson, black Friday is a greatly beneficial tradition to the mall.

An assistant manager to an Old Navy in Wisconsin, Barb Novitski, says that this year the people waiting in line were given free hot chocolate to stay warm after their doors opened at midnight. She goes on to say that all of the customers they had on black Friday were very friendly and welcoming, not at all like the stereotypes that media portrays to the non-shoppers. Dean Whipple, the story manager of sears also in Wisconsin adds to that saying that this year’s black Friday shoppers were in a much happier mood this year in comparison to previous years. Even the sheriff’s department of Wausau, WI said that there were much fewer reports of unruly customers than they had had in previous years.

A common worry about Friday is safety, parents wondering if their kids should be out that early in such dangerous crowds. My solution: Don’t go to Wal-Mart! Out of all crime reports filled out on black Friday, over half of them are involving Wal-Mart customers or staff.
Everyone has heard the expression “safety in numbers”; this applies heavily to black Friday. To assure optimal safety, grab an extra two or three people to go shopping in a group with you. This not only keeps you safe inside the store, but in the hectic parking lots as well.

Although Black Friday is not an official holiday, many small business owners give their employees the day off so that they get the chance to enjoy the day as well. Black Friday is seen to everyone as a holiday for some, a celebration for most, and a tradition for all- even those who opt out of participating. Door buster deals and holiday cheer are everywhere to be found that time of year, and carrying on such a beneficial holiday as Black Friday is not a lot to ask of an American. Whether you are the driver, the bodyguard, the recon specialist, or the field agent, black Friday is an enjoyable time for people to gather in groups and complete a mission.

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I wrote this essay fro an assignment in my English class. The assignment was to write an argumentative essay about either something we are passionate about or something current in society.

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meggamom2 said...
on Jan. 18 2014 at 5:25 am
The complaint regarding Black Friday is NOT the early hours.  It is the greed of the retailers.  I have been in retail for years and I have never seen such chaos as on BF.  People go crazy, shooting over a toy, trampling down doors, etc.  I will agree that it is mostly at Walmarts, but it happens all over.  In response to the last comment that workers get this day off....that is insane, I have never heard of anyone getting this day off without loosing their job.  This is a mandatory day of work for us in management and the staff. Black Friday is losing its luster, and is slowly being replaced by Cyber Monday. Just my thoughts


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