The Setting of Stone

December 11, 2012
By , McLean, VA
Remember those concrete stepping stones you used to make as a kid? The ones you put your hand print in or your footprint? And then your parents would put it out in the yard where it would eventually be forgotten and then one day, while working in the garden, you come across a time-weathered old piece of concrete totally unrecognizable from what it once was… The life and choices that we make are like that stone. Some people leave a deeper imprint on the world than others that will stand the ultimate test of time while some fade from history. And some actions propel us into situations that we had never imagined. Who could have guessed that a simple hand print could morph into an unimportant chunk of ugly concrete. However, those stones take a long time to set and changes can always be made because nothing is absolutely set in stone except for the child hand prints sitting among the flowers in the garden.

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