January 3, 2013
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When Drake came out the song "Motto", everyone started to spread the word about YOLO. Eventually it came to my school, encouraging every teenager there to live life to its fullest. Don't get me wrong, I support Y.O.L.O very strongly, however. After a while it gets annoying hearing Y.O.L.O every time your friends dare you to do something you know your parents are going to bite your head off for if you do it. But after a while, you get pulled into peer pressure and do it. I hear this from all my friends being dared to cuss out the substitute or climb over five seats on the bus. But then this just results in suspension. So what? Your going to stay home, basking in the sunlight saying, "I got suspended for five days for cussing Mrs.Uncklemiyre." When you get back to school your going to expect every boy to say, "She got suspended! She's a total hottie" or " He got suspended for cussing out your math teacher! Total bad boy! I call dibs!" NOT! Eventually karma will come around and nip you in the butt. All that I just explained was the bad part of Y.O.L.O., lets get to the fun part. Just because I'm a teenage girl doesn't mean that I'm too young to have a bucket-list. Some of my friends laugh, asking if I'm enrolling into a nursing home anytime soon. But trust me, one day, they are going to look back and say, "Why didn't I make a bucket-list?" I want to get school over and spend the summer before I go off to college doing everything I always wanted to do. Go skydiving, surfing, get a tattoo, dye my hair a deep purple, walk along the beach with my crush hand in hand, watching the sunset disappear into the horizon , adopt a dog, get into my dream college, get drunk, this may sound crazy but jump off a building in N.Y.C. Maybe they may have a device of some sort that allows me to do that in the future. Well, I do plan on doing some of those things right now like surfing and I almost forgot but, ask my crush out. Maybe I can test the question that always revolved my head everyday of my adolescent life, if your crush can actually see your heart about to burst through your shirt in your way of nervousness. Meeting Calvin Harris would be nice as well or finally being able to meet your favorite artist and telling that you have the perfect music video idea for the song. In general, In some ways Y.O.L.O can be overrated, but in other ways they can be rewarding, helping you stay on that path of wisdom and positivity.

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