Technology Is Our Problem Solver

December 13, 2012
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What if we end up living like the movie Tron? People won’t have to work or do much because of the high-tech-technology. Technology solves problems and makes our lives easier. The purpose is to show how technology around us will positively affect our future

People won’t have to worry about solving problems if we advance technology. For example, people won’t have debts because technology will be able to provide for those who need help. Now, people can focus on important things like their families. People will also not work as much to provide for their car, houses, and other things that cost a lot. This is great for everyone because the can now have fun because we practically work all our lives to survive everyday life. Therefore, people will now do and focus on more important things because of our technology.

Technology can make our lives easier. For example, it could make transportation faster and more convenient to other countries that need help. A food transporter to Africa could place food in the hands of those who need food right away. Technology could solve many pollution problems. It will help make less pollution by using more solar powered energy instead of energy that’s not reusable. This is how technology can solve many of world’s problems.

Technology can make our lives easier. People will not have to work much and focus on more important things. Since, technology improves; everyone can use solar powered electricity to save other types of electricity that is not reusable for emergency’s like plugs on the wall if need light or gas if you get stuck without energy in your home. The advance of technology can make our lives much better, easier, and fun.

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