This Weight on Our Shoulders

January 10, 2008
We are in this age of confliction, where controversy, corruption, and holy war seem to be our mission. We live in our comfort and see with an ignorant eye. We don't recognize the sick, the injured, and those who die. Let's not bother to worry, ignore God's fury. But it's not our fault, how can we fix the worlds problems. We have our own, like the celebrity life of Nathalie Portman. Our mind is far from the soldiers in Iraq, who lie in army hospitals, who may never come back. We vote for American Idol, but forget to vote someone into the Presidential Title! Instead of good morals, we pass to our children prejudice and hate. Today, it may be too late, we are set in our ways, we don't mind pollution or the UV rays. We ignore century battles and then blame the innocent. Battle in Darfur and in Palestine, Battle among Christians, Jews, and Muslims, isn't that a sign? But we, us, I, and my peers will be the ones that will have to find the remedy to this world's calamity, we will be the peacemakers, the negotiators, the ones that will be the bolder, the ones with the weight on our shoulders!

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