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Ruler, Time

November 30, 2012
By Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
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Life's clock ticks to the rhythm of our decisions. We may not know it, but our dilemmas are solved with guesses and chances. A choice cannot be rectified, for once it is made, the larceny of time itself will steal it away, and abscond with it, locking it within the unseen parts of our universe, never to be touched again. If time was pliant, even a single voice could control its actions, warping it into fulfilling our commands. Although we play a part in time's game, we cannot move our pieces to a direct spot, only influence where they may be placed. Without time, the game would lead into anarchy, leaving us with no limits or rules. Without the strong order that time gives, we would soon be stepping blindly onto the edge of a precipice. With the world being full of biased people, a life without law may be desirable to some and not others. Disagreement is another problem we face continuously, but most of the time, those are not so arduous to disentangle, for time has also granted us auspicious compromise, allowing us to agree with one another without too much of a challenge. Although compromise is done easily in most cases, some are not so simple, for the people with intrepid personalities are much too proud and strong minded to stop daunting those who are different and smaller than themselves. They revile them, causing, not physical pain, but emotional, for even words can be as sharp as a knife and as blunt as a hammer. Time does not ever stop, so within existence there is no reprieve. If time were, however, to come to a pause, even the most lively of things would become stiff and inanimate. Time does control the outcomes of our decisions but it cannot control who we are. For those of us who are pompous are the ones who truly don't deserve bragging rights, for they over use that characteristic in themselves. Time is powerful, but it is not the ruler of all that is anything, only what that anything will become.

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This is a topic all about time and how it effects those it touches.

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