Prisons in Arizona

November 29, 2007
By Andrew Gomez, Phoenix, AZ

As the years have been passing there has been a drastic change in population and as the more people come in there is less room in prisons. Even though these inmates do wrong they still deserve the right to stay in a safe and healthy environment. Back in the 1950’s prisons weren’t built with the inmate’s safety in mind. In to days prisons the facilities are way built but many other facilities are still posing a threat to inmates safety many options and have come up but nothing was ever put into action with all this still a lot of recommendations that have yet to be heard.

In the early days prison were built with weak material and were not in a good functional condition. In the prison the inmates were not in a good safety environment as well as the guards. By building these structures with old materials causes snakes and insert/bugs to enter he facilities. These conditions weren’t met in different prisons in Arizona such as Yuma prison, Florence prison, and a couple of others. These facilities were built in the 1920’s and up and are still functional today these facilities are still up and in use today with AC07 of the same issues and unmet requirements.

Some of today’s prisons have been brought up to standard with the safety of the inmates involved. But like prisons such as tents city are a major safety hazard for inmates in Arizona. The inmates are kept outside in weather that reaches all the way up to 120 F. There are no areas of shade except for the tents where the beds are kept. The inmates are in many ways in danger of heart exhaustion and snakes by living in the desert outside. Tents city is not a prison that shows be used in today’s society.

Some of the options to end most if not all of the safety issues in prisons In Arizona do have drawbacks but also have many advantages. A drawback for tearing down and rebuilding the prisons would cause an increase in state taxes. This would also be a negative solution because they would have to place inmates in another facilities while the construction is being done. One advantage would cause all the facilities to have less safety hazards. Tearing down and rebuilding only the facilities of the prisons that are in bad condition would also save money than to rebuild the whole prison. An expansion of the prisons would also be an advantage but also would come with drawbacks. If the prisons were to expand it would make way for prisons to interact with the outside citizens and could result in escape. In most prison areas there is not enough room to expand because of the city around the prison. This idea could be good in a way that it would save the time in moving the inmates to another facilities. This could also decrease the overpopulation of the inmates. By bringing the death sentence back would put a clash on the civil rights groups. This could also put a bad name on deaths per year in U.S. and AZ prisons. This would be good because it would lower the total of inmates on death row.

My recommendation for this problem would be to tear down the facilities and then rebuild them. This is my recommendation because I think that even though inmates are there for breaking the law they should have a nice and safe environment to live as well as the guards to work. To make this happen I would have to organize groups with the same ideas as me. A good organization would be like the Amnesty International club but it would be easier to make my own group. I would ask random people on advertise the problem to get all civilians involved. This would give me enough people to organize a group or a committee. I could organize these groups in any type of church or schools. This organization could go on all your round as long as they can. This would matter to me because it has a personal input on me and the people around me.

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