Obesity in America

November 15, 2007
By Jazmin ware, Phoenix, AZ

Susana just walked in for her appointment. She has her breathing tub, and her ankles are swollen. The doctor just told her, that if she doesn’t start losing weight, her life would not be long. She is now in the obese category. As you may or may not know obesity is a leading problem in Americans today. But most Americans realize this problem and don’t get on it. They should always have someone encourage them, to keep them healthy and in shape.

Adults are obese in America. One of today’s health problems is being obese. In the year
, 64% of adults were over weight or obese. Most Americans don’t want to watch their eating habits. Being obese is the second leading problem of preventable deaths. Men, who have more than 25% of body fat, are considered obese. Women who have 30% of fat on there body are also known as obese. (HHS news) in 2004 has provided these facts. When it comes to treatment, we as Americans are required to stay in shape, excises, dieting and maybe surgery.

Children are obese in America. Who do children become obese at a young age? Some parent’s think it’s too hard to control their Child's eating. A newspaper in Long Island NY, said that in 2004, 350 children went on and had surgery. The FDA hesitated to approve the gastric band for these children. Doctors have said that at the early age of 3, kids are stigmatized. Scientist have also came to a conclusion that are diets. Meaning the way we eat, are making children obese. There for the reason why children are larger at a young age is because they don’t exercise. They also don’t eat right, drink a lot of water and care what they are doing. Or know what they are doing to there bodies.

The serving of foods in schools and the statistics are not good. Daily progress in Charles Ville, said that a school in Charleston offers a glutton dream buffet. Some of the fatty foods are donuts, pizza and foods on a stick. Another school in that town for breakfast provides fried donuts like that’s any better. Schools are one of the leading problems for unhealthy students. From these problems 31 states obesity’s rates went up. From my point of view, schools need more healthy items to eat. They shouldn’t have the same food that keeps making them bigger.

Some Americans just need to exercise. Fast foods are also part pf the problems all over the world. Adults say that it runs in the family or that their child is just too lazy and don’t care. One of the excuses is diet never work. I highly disagree with these excuses. A diet will only work if you stick with it. There for only eat what your suppose to. Fast food resturants don’t do no better. It’s not the only thing you have to eat when you don’t want to cook or because it’s fast. Eating that once a week wont hurt you.

What I think should happen is Americans needed to control there eating habits at a younger age. As teenagers, some become depressed and feel alone. But no one should ever be labeled obese. There for schools need more healthy foods, or at least fight for them. Parents shouldn’t allow kids to get surgery or be diagnosed with diabetes ands have a hard breathing. Everyone should go out and make being healthy fun. Eat a carrot with ranch, or maybe a chicken salad. What i'm trying to say is, encourage others as they encourage you. Eat what makes your life longer, and never give up your life use it.

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