The Mexican Border

November 15, 2007
By armando chavez, Phoenix, AZ

The boarder is a racist act against Mexicans. Why is the boarder getting bigger and wider? Is there a difference between an immigrant and a non-immigrant? Why are the own immigrants doing the boarder them self’s they should not be the ones doing it because Americans say they could do the hard work and that Mexicans are not needed in the united states. People are judging other people just because they have a higher education. They are nobody to judge people even though they do have a better education and speak another language.
Now the boarder is getting bigger and wider, it started from New Mexico and they want it to finish all the way to the tip of California the boarder is now getting bigger and Mexicans are the ones working on it, it is not cool that they are the ones that have to work on it and the ones that can not cross it. We are all humans and we have the same things in the inside just because we look different from the out side it does not mean that they have power over another person.
Americans say they don’t need Mexicans in the United States. The truth is that they really do need them because they are the ones doing the boarder and the hard work out in the sun hitting their face if Americans they don’t need them then why do they put them to do the boarder and why don’t they do it them self’s Mexicans are the ones working on fields and in construction I have not seen an American being on the fields they just go and get what they need and give them the least pay they could give them when they deserve more than what they are getting from them.
Mexicans are good for the economy because it works lot to have them because now there is a lot of places that nothing else but Mexicans work in but just the owners are Americans and some of the owners are helping Mexicans by not approving some racist laws because they do think and know that Mexicans are needed here in this free country. If Mexicans would leave how a lot of Americans want it to happen they would be sorry for everything at the end and when they cant really be sorry and try to bring them back to this country were racism is getting bigger and bigger every single year that passes by. Another good reason that Mexicans are needed and that are good for the economy is that they give a lot of money to the united states and working and making more buildings and give a lot of help in any kind of work there is.
The people who are against from what I wrote would be the racist people who think they are better than another person. They say that Mexicans should not be here they would say that they don’t need them to do the hard work because they supposedly they could do them self’s they will also say that the boarder is a good thing to keep them from entering and crossing the united states of America that’s what they would say and what they think.
In this paper I explained why are Mexicans needed and how they are being used so they could do their own barrier from what they had to cross time ago. Mexicans should not be discriminated haw they are by Americans how they are being now and just getting scare by the racist Americans those acts should not be made the boarder getting bigger and wider Mexicans working for the lowest payment and working in the fields in the hot sun.

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This is awesome! I am 1/2 mexican and I love this poem.


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