Child Obesity

November 15, 2007
Unfortunately kids today are just getting fatter and fatter. Why is that? It’s because of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a huge problem and I don’t think that parents are doing enough about it.

Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat. The way a person can become obese is to consume more calories than you burn off by doing physical activity. Obesity can lead to many heart, and in general health problems.

The main reason I think that kids are getting obese is because instead of going out kids are staying in and just playing video games all day. Kids are living their lives through videogames instead of going out to do it. Kids parents aren’t encouraging or forcing their kids to go out anymore. I don’t think its just a coincidence that as technology evolves kids are getting fatter.

Another reason I think that kids are getting fatter and fatter each year is that parents isn’t cooking any more. Parents are just buying their kid fast food. How are kids supposed to learn healthy eating habits of all they’re eating is fast food. These foods that have high saturated fat plus a lack of physical activity is the perfect combination to become obese.

There are many excuses that can be made for a child’s obesity. For example have you ever heard a parent in denial say, “he’s just big boned”. That’s a lie! The size of the bone has no effect on fatness. I’ve also heard parents say that their kids will grow out of it. That’s not true either if they don’t do something about it.

Unfortunately childhood obesity isn’t being taken seriously. Because it hasn’t been accepted as a serious problem obesity has tripled in the last 20
Years and between 15 and 24 percent of American children are overweight. This means that 25 million U.S. children are overweight. An easy solution is to enroll children while they’re young into organized sports. This guarantees physical activity without throwing your kids into the streets where they can get in trouble.

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